Karobari – Listen To The New Punjabi Hip-Hop Song Featuring Shavi, song will make your day energetic.

New Punjabi Track “Karobari” by Shavi Released by Cartel Studios

karobari by shavi official album cover

The Punjabi music industry has been flourishing with new talent and fresh sounds, and the latest addition to this growing pool of talent is Shavi‘s new song “Karobari“. This energetic hip-hop track, with music given by Gurshah, has been released under the label Cartel Studios and distribution and promotion services are provided by Squad Films, a company owned by Sewak Cheema.

This song is an anthem for all the hardworking entrepreneurs and businessmen out there. Shavi’s high-energy rap delivery, combined with Gurshah’s dynamic beats, creates a powerful and motivational atmosphere that will resonate with listeners.

It’s no surprise that the song has been garnering positive feedback from fans and critics alike. Shavi’s unique style and lyrical prowess, combined with Gurshah’s impressive production, make “Karobari” a standout track in the Punjabi music industry. The collaboration between Cartel Studios and Squad Films has also played a significant role in promoting and distributing the song to a wider audience.

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